My strong belief is that the role of the School Committee is one of oversight and stewardship.  I will be an advocate for the health of the entire system in the present and into the future.   It is important to balance the demands of today’s students with those of the children that will be entering the system over the next 10 years and make decisions that support high quality education for every generation.

Meeting the educational needs of all students is always #1. Every student deserves an evironment that allows him/her to thrive.  I will support flexible and adaptive strategies that allow teachers and specialists to provide a breadth of curriculum that sparks the curiosity, intellectual developmen, and academic achievement of every child.

Protect class size as enrollment grows.  Manageable groupings of students is closely linked to high quality learning.  Ensuring that classrooms are not crowded, despite larger school size, is essential as Newton attracts more young families to our high quality education system.  This may mean short-term solutions like modulars and planning for larger school buildings into the future.

Provide improved, equitable classroom technology.  While technology is only as good as the people using it, innovative programs and devices utilized by well-trained staff can be essential tools for today’s classroom.  Currently, there are inequities in the Newton system for a variety of reasons.  I will advocate that appropriate technology resources are available for all students and supported by good teacher training.

Complete school building projects on time and on budget.  Newton residents passed a tax override earlier this year to remedy a long-standing deficit in capital infrastructure for the schools.  It is essential that we ensure this money is used wisely and well.